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Kiwe.io is a business intelligence application, which is dedicated to marketing performance. It allows for Measure, Control and Arbitration of advertising deliveries.

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To date

In the past four months, with the cooperation of approximately 10 advertisers and agencies, we have collected and analyzed.

300 M
30 M
33 K
Ad impressions

Activities analysis

Kiwe algorithms process the collected data to provide new information enabling decision-making.

The data collected are used to grade your traffic. The rating ranges from 1 to 100 and then aggregated in 4 grades from A to F .

Thanks to pre-set scenarios, these algorithms allow the detection of fraud and illegitimate impressions.

KIWE Rating scale of traffic quality

GRADE A       75-100


GRADE B       35-74


GRADE C       15-34


GRADE F         0-14

* considered as useless or fradulent

Our observations

Artificial or fraudulent clicks and impressions have no value.

They have no impact on your business.

Who are we ?

  • Kiwe is a Swiss company based in Fribourg.
  • It has been in business since 2012. It took three years of research to develop the technology.
  • Kiwe is supported by a Family Office, which has numerous successful investments especially in E-business and media.
  • Kiwe brings together digital media experts, mathematicians and internet technology experts.
  • Kiwe’s staff has over 10 years experience in their field of expertise.