What is Kiwe.io?

Kiwe.io is an innovative solution for audience analysis and control of advertising performance.

Why Kiwe.io?

The fight against advertising fraud has become a key issue for media and advertisers who pay more and more attention to "fake traffic" on the web.

The results obtained by our tool confirm what several recent studies have shown, namely a significant share of ad impressions are triggered by bots.

This leads to colossal financial losses for advertisers worldwide representing several billion dollars each year. At Kiwe.io, we are confident that the quality of the inventory offered by each platform to advertisers will become a decisive factor in the short term.

While using our tools, you will immediately receive a comprehensive view of the quality of your Site-Centric audience. Then, you will be able to measure performance of marketing campaigns, starting with your landing pages and conversion pages.

For conversions, you can use our script "tag conversion" (in case of using unique URLs or parameters of sessions) To use all the power of Kiwe.io, you can use the "ad­centric tag" script to measure the quality and the reality of campaigns you run. This tag is to be inserted in the ad server.

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